What's New

ASP.NET Core 3.1

Generates an ASP.NET Core Razor 3.1 web application in One Click!

Visual Studio 2019

Made for the Visual Studio 2019 IDE using the latest .NET Core 3.1 Framework.

More Code Organization

For example: page model code is separated by parameters (used by razor pages), public callback methods, and handlers used by the jqgrid in regions.


It now returns the same data as the Business Layer for Get methods, no more returning JQgrid-specific data. Data can now be used by other controls.


Everything is now asynchronous. Using Task, await, and async keywords, from controllers, private methods, business & data objects, and web api.

Two New Razor Pages

A razor page where you can Delete Multiple records w/ CRUD functionality, and a razor page w/ a Drop Down List where you can show related data based on the selected item.

More Comments

A lot more comments in JavaScript and C# code. Comments, comments, comments everywhere!

Better Documentation

A lot more documentation and tutorials for the Professional Plus Edition.