How It Works
AspxFormsGen 4.5 generates ASP.NET web forms, middle-tier and data-tier objects. In short it generates a whole web site. It also generates stored procedures or dynamic SQL all in One Click*. Shown below is a visual reprensentation/flow of how AspxFormsGen 4.5 generates code.

how aspxformsgen code generation work

  1. Click the "Generate Code..." button.
  2. Retrieve Microsoft SQL Server Database information.
  3. Generate a database-bound Web Site. The web site is generated so you can run it and see the generated code in action.
    • Generate Front End (UI) Web Forms and Code Behind files.
    • Generate Middle-Tier Class Files (App_Code directory).
    • Generate Data-Tier Class Files (App_Code directory).
    • Generate styles, scripts, images, icons, web.config, etc. (not shown in the diagram). See Generated Web Forms for a list of generated items.
  4. Generate Stored Procedures in your database (Microsoft SQL Server), or, generate Dynamic SQL Class Files (App_Code directory).
* Please see notes.