Product Edition Comparison

  AspxFormsGen MVC 5
Professional Plus Edition
AspxFormsGen MVC 5
Express Edition
  Professional Plus Express
Technology Features
Generated MVC Web Application is compatible with Visual Studio 2013/2015
JQuery integration
Views are bound to MS SQL Server
Generates Web API code
Generates Middle-Tier and Data-Tier code
Generates Stored Procedures or Dynamic SQL
Generates Code Bound/Connected to the Database
Generated MVC Views/Code Features
List with Add, Edit Redirect & Delete
Add New Record
Update Record
Record Details (Read Only)
List (Read-Only)
List with Add, Edit, & Delete (Same Page)
List with Grouping
List with Totals
List with Totals and Grouping
List with Search
List with Scroll-Loading Data
List with Inline Add and Edit
List with Manual For Each Loop
List with Master Detail (Grid)
List with Master Detail (Sub Grid)
Unbound View
Models, Controllers, View Models
Middle-Tier and Data-Tier Code
Stored Procedures or Dynamic SQL
Miscellaneous Files
List of All Generated Views
List of All Generated Code
* Please see notes.