How It Works

AspxFormsGen MVC 5 generates ASP.NET MVC 5 models, views, controllers, middle-tier and data-tier objects in a 3-tier layered infrastructure. In short it generates a whole web application. It also generates stored procedure scripts or ad-hoc SQL. All these are generated in One Click*.

Shown below is a visual reprensentation/flow of how AspxFormsGen MVC 5 generates code.


Click the "Generate Code..." button.
Retrieve Microsoft SQL Server Database information.
Generate a database-bound Web Application. The web application is generated so you can run it and see the generated code in action.
a. Generate Front End (UI - Presentation Layer) Models, Views, Controllers. See more
b. Generate Web API (Optional). Optionally encapsulate calls to Business Objects when generating Web API code. See more
c. Generate Middle-Tier Class Files (Middle Layer). See more
d. Generate Data-Tier Class Files (Data Layer). See more
e. Generate SQL Scripts (Stored Procedures or Ad-Hoc SQL in Class Files). See more
f. Generate styles, scripts, images, icons, web.config, etc. (not in the diagram). See more
Generate Stored Procedures in your database (Microsoft SQL Server), or, generate Ad-hoc SQL Class Files. See more